The innovative aerial platform for working at height with a 10-meter boom

The Lightlift 20.10 MK2 aerial platform from the Performance series is a safe, high-performance model which allows two operators to work in any conditions, with a 230 kg load capacity. Suitable for working at a height of up to 20.15 metres, with an exceptional 10-metre outreach, it is available with different engines.

What kind of work has it been designed for?

The ongoing commitment by the Hinowa research and development team has resulted in an aerial platform that is suitable for carrying out a wide range of operations. This model, for example, makes it easier to do the following jobs:
  • Tree pruning
  • Painting
  • Interior and exterior renovations
  • Cleaning
  • Solar panel installation
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Fun fair maintenance
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Sign installation
  • Roof and gutter maintenance
  • Electrical system installation and maintenance

Working height 20.10M
Working outreach 9.70M
Platform capacity 230KG
Transportation length 5011mm
Transportation width 795mm
Stowed height 1998mm
Power source – petrol, diesel, bi-energy or battery DIESEL
Machine weight 2840KG
Stabilisation area 2922mm X 2925mm
MAX. Stabilisation inclination 15 degrees
IPAF licence 1b
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Hinowa 20.10

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