Able to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites with Genie® S-65 XC telescopic boom — offering a dual lift capacity of 660-lb (300 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted. The Genie Xtra Capacity™ (XC) feature lets up to three people work onboard with room for tools and jobsite materials.


  • Maximum capacity with a robust jib design to handle increased loads
  • Load sense technology for accurate load weighing and zero-load field calibration
  • Chassis tilt sensor technology maximizes access to hard-to-reach work areas
  • Onboard diagnostics maximizes serviceability
  • Option to add the new Genie Lift Power™ generator system

Working height 21.81M
Working outreach 16.51M
Platform capacity 454KG
Transportation length 7.8M
Transportation width 2.49M
Stowed height 2.81M
Power source – petrol, diesel, bi-energy or battery DIESEL
Machine weight 11,412KG
IPAF license 3b
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